Author Branding Solutions

  ABOUT Author Branding Solutions Author Branding Solutions is an outgrowth of over thirty years in the publishing industry. Our CEO, Deborah Herman, knows firsthand the frustrations authors face when trying to gain the attention of those who hold their career futures in their hands. In fact, as a literary agent, she has been one of the gatekeepers curating which projects were worthy of representation or which received rejections. The Jeff Herman Agency has successfully sold over 1,000 titles to large, small and independent publishers. The Agency is also a Leader in writer education & advocacy. Jeff and Deborah Herman watched closely as the publishing industry changed. As the internet exploded, it added more opportunities for DIY authors. Still in turn, it opened the doors to scams, inflated promises, a watering down of quality control and general chaos for the industry status quo.  Read more here.......... Click Here